Family is at the Heart of Every Wedding – with Ben Smith Photography

Some weddings are focused on style, themes, details etc.. so it is so refreshing to see a wedding where the focus is on love and family. Today’s real wedding from Ben Smith Photography shows that family really is the heart of a wedding. Such a beautiful photo of the couple and their child and of course a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the children shaking their moves on the dance floor!

Ben describes his photography as being able to simply “catch your emotions” on your wedding day.  His journalistic approach is natural and unobtrusive.

This wedding features Kate and Darren who were married in a large church in the centre of Norwich which is surrounded by shops and restaurants. Ben remembers the day with one great memory;

“After the service finished we came outside for some formal photos. A group of people in very realistic fancy dress costumes spotted us and came over. They were doing a Dr Who related fund raising promotion for the nearby BBC shop. So, in a surreal moment, a Dalek joined the couple for a few photos. By now quite a crowd had gathered making it worse for the bride who was always terrified by Dalek’s when she was younger!”











and you should always seize an opportunity….


@Copyright of Ben Smith Photography 2012

If you would like to see more of Ben’s work please clink on the link.


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