Top Event ~ Award Winning Wedding Stationery Company to Host a ‘Stationery Surgery’ Workshop

We are delighted to announce that Award Winning Wedding Stationery company Bellybuttonboo have organised a fabulous opportunity for creative Brides to Be.  They are hosing their first ever exclusive Wedding ‘Stationery Surgery’ on Saturday the 8th June 2013, from 10.30am – 1pm at The Wedding House of Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

For just £12 attendees will learn top tips for designing their own Wedding Stationery including:

    • learn about design and getting your own style
    • get tips on how to avoid costly mistakes
    • find out where to source everything you need
    • make sure your invites are amazing and not amateur!

Claire Corfe, Owner of Bellybuttonboo said:  “The inspiration for the Stationery Surgery came from one of our reasons for starting bellybuttonboo that, quite simply, we wanted people to have lovely things for their wedding day.  We love it when couples have something a little bit different and personal, and what’s more personal than when you have designed and made everything yourself?

You only have to take a quick look around some of the wedding blog sites to see some amazing DIY wedding stationery – where couples have put so much effort into making their day truly unique and beautiful, but most of all, about them.  But, and it is a big but for some people…what seems like a beautiful idea can end up being a bit of a nightmare if that design in your head just won’t come out or the physical making process becomes frustrating and much longer than expected.  We’ve met lots of brides who made their own stationery and wouldn’t do it again if they could go back – which is such a shame as it can be a great experience!

So we’ve gone through all of the things we’ve learnt by working with so many people over the years and condensed all that fabulous advice into 2½ hours – along with a bit of fun.  We hope that we can give people the inspiration and confidence to go and make their own invitations, and the know how to make it easy, enjoyable and come out with the hand crafted loveliness they dreamed of!!”

For more information on this fabulous Workshop or to book a space please visit their Website

Good luck.

Sue xx


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