Gem of the Week – Wedding Flowers Explored with Flowers by Suzanne

Today we are delighted to introduce Flowers by Suzanne.  Flowers by Suzanne work with all kinds of budgets and can tailor their designs to fit your individual needs. The Flowers by Suzanne studio is based in Bedfordshire, and covers the whole of the local area including Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. They are also a recommended supplier of The Mansion House, Shuttleworth.

We caught up with Suzanne to find out more about her company…


Suzanne in her studio.

What made you go into the Wedding Industry?

I married in the spring of 2003, and met with my florist who showed me her portfolio; I remember thinking ‘I want her job!’ With a background training at art college studying textile design, I felt this was a good fit for what I’d always been interested in.  I started a course in floristry late 2003 at my local agricultural college, and found the course thoroughly enjoyable, I was hooked from the start!

Cheesecake Wedding Cake with Purple Flower Decoration

When did you launch Flowers by Suzanne?

I began my florist retail experience since 2004 and became particularly interested in the wedding floristry side of things. Once I had achieved plenty of hands on expertise – I started up Flowers by Suzanne in 2009.

Do you have a favourite flower and what combination would you put with this flower to make up a bouquet?

As a florist this is such a hard question to answer! I do really love orchids and calla lilies for their fascinating shape; for their fragrance; hyacinth, freesia and sweet pea. My current favourite is the peony; I love how the tight round buds transform into beautiful ruffled petals – they are not in season long enough! In the photo (below) I have mixed pale pink peonies with astilbe, lisianthus, veronica, daisies and ivy.

The Peony and Daisy Bouquet

The Peony Bouquet

With an increased wedding population looking for something different and alternative; do you have any ‘odd’ requests that have been great to make?

One lovely couple were on a tight budget and asked for empty wine bottles and used candles (they liked the dripped wax effect!) – for their guest table arrangements. They gave me free rein to ‘use my creative skills’. I decorated with coloured wire, entwined around the stem of the bottle, attaching gerberas and ivy; it was certainly an alternative design! And the bride and groom were delighted!

Purple and Lilac Wedding Flowers

Do you grow flowers at home for yourself?

Yes, I have lavender, hydrangea and eucalyptus in my garden. I also grow sweet peas which I occasionally use in arrangements.

Do you have any hints/tips of how brides can help make their wedding flowers last longer after their ceremony?

Ask your florist or wedding co-ordinator to supply a pretty container/vase – with water – in advance, so after the ceremony and photos the bride can keep the flowers as fresh as possible.

A popular idea at the moment is to have fish bowls along the top table, with the bride and bridesmaids bouquets – displayed and keeping fresh – in them. I also recommend Precious Petals, who preserve bridal flowers, they can arrange free collection of the bridal flowers, from any address in the UK, the first working day after the wedding.

Purple and Cream Wedding Bouquet and Buttonhole

With weddings happening all seasons, do you have any good tips on how brides should create the perfect ‘spring’ bouquet?

Make full use of the spring flowers available such as; scented hyacinth/freesias; the very popular ranunculus, as well as anemone, tulips and narcissus. Consider also making use of the twigs, leaves, bark and berries. Current trends indicate that the favourite spring colours will be greens, mixed with subtle creams and pastels. I’d also suggest opting for the pastel pinks/peaches available for the trendy vintage feel! Alternatively, don’t be afraid to mix your colours; such as pinks, yellows, purples, what may be an unusual colour mix for other seasons, spring flowers seem to get away with it!


If you would like more information from Suzanne click here.


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