News Alert ~ Introducing Morris the Vintage 1958 Split Screen VW Campervan

Back on Sunday the 14th April 2013 celebrations took place in Shutlanger, near Towcester, Buckinghamshire as Pear Tree Weddings hosted a champagne party to launch the newest member of their VW Campervan and Beetle fleet.

The multi award-winning Vintage Wedding Transport company had eagerly awaited the arrival of the new member of the Pear Tree Family and those who attended on the day were not disappointed.

Joanna Gosling, Owner of Pear Tree Weddings said:  “Although he is new to the wedding fleet, Morris is actually a vintage 1958 split screen campervan that was imported from San Fernando, California last Autumn (after having not been driven for 19years)…..making him one of the oldest bespoke wedding campers in the UK.  Over the last 6 months Morris has been completely restored, taking over 800 man hours of stripping, repairing, painting and fitting over 300 new parts!

On Sunday over 60 people celebrated and finally met Morris, most of them brides and grooms who have booked Morris for their wedding, (this year, next year or in 2015!) – all of whom were absolutely delighted and amazed by the quality and attention to detail in his rebuild.


So what has Morris been up to since the party?…  Morris’ first wedding was just a month ago, and he has been a very busy chap!  He has been to weddings far and wide, from Banbury to Birmingham and down to Bisham!  Morris has also caused a stir across the world of VWs, with him in great demand for photo shoots as he is being featured in some rather special articles over the coming months…..we’ve also had interest from a TV company who would like to feature him in a production this Autumn!  So, from the idea last summer over a glass of wine “let’s import an old wreck and rebuild it into the finest and oldest wedding VW in the UK” we have come a long way, and delivered exactly what we dreamt of.”

Pear Tree Weddings were delighted to share the occasion with Ice the Cake members Ravinder Crone, who photographed the event, as well as Helen Whelan of Sweetness and Delight who provided brides and groom with scrumptious champagne flavoured cupcakes.

For more information on Morris or any other member of the Fleet please contact Pear Tree Weddings directly:

Telephone: 01604 863666

Sue x



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