News Alert ~ Black Pearl Weddings Launch Virtual Planning Support Service

Press Release from Black Pearl Weddings

With all of the hype of the ‘wedding day’, nothing can be at risk of going wrong. However, as Black Pearl Weddings are proving time and time again, saying the famous ‘I do’ is worthy of more than just a touch of class.Black Pearl Weddings of London Competition

Black Pearl Weddings London-based wedding planning company, serves as the perfect partner for couples who want to add sophistication and chic to their special day. As industry specialists in services ranging from simple one-off consulting to full co-ordination, style design and venue selection – the team of wedding gurus ensure that every couple’s day is steeped with the mystique and sublime service that it deserves.

Kelle Parker, Owner of Black Pearl Weddings said: “We have a keen interest in the niche wedding industry, as well as the fashion and trends of matrimony.

Our solid links with the wedding industry have allowed us to build an expansive base of contacts, with which we maintain a strong bond for the benefit of our clients.

Our focus is on a smooth and seamless day, the team ensures that glamour and radiance ring alongside each and every wedding bell.”

Their ethos was inspired by the black pearl itself – the rarest and most beautiful gem of the sea.  Due to its beauty and exquisite aura, it is highly sought after by elite clientele from around the world. We strive to include the black pearl’s qualities with each and every ceremony that we plan.

Kelle added: “We offer many different levels of service, each tailored to cater to the exact needs of each and every couple. Almost every aspect of a wedding is fully customizable and the company is proud of its personal and close relationship with each of their clients.”

And now, Black Pearl Weddings are proud to unveil their new “Virtual Support Services” a first of its kind in the UK, which enables the client to engage with Black Pearl Weddings using interactive communications. This service is perfect especially for those who are keen to plan their own wedding, but are inundated with tasks that feel overwhelming. Offering both the “Wedding Helpline” and a “Remote Planning Service”, Black Pearl Virtual Support Services provide all the assistance needed to plan a wedding, with the expertise of experienced Wedding Planners always on hand to ensure a seamless process and elegant result.

black pearl

The company’s Black Pearl Bespoke service allows clients to extract the best features of other packages and wrap it up into something to call their own. With no constraints or limitations, the company is one of the UK’s only true bespoke wedding planning services.

For more information, to view the range of services available or to contact the company about a special day of your own, please find Black Pearl Weddings contact details below:

Location: London
Telephone: 0845 257 0138 / 07402 671871

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