Inspiration ~ It’s Time to Break the Mould ~ 2013 Trends

Today it is my pleasure to be showcasing some gorgeous images from R&J Photography.  The ladies at R&J are so talented and I am always mesmerized by their work.  They somehow manage to capture things that others don’t see and their Real Wedding images are exceptional.  Today Jane Wood one half of the brilliant R&J Team shares her insight into foreseeable trends for 2013…

When I think of the weddings we have shot over the last few years, shabby chic, DIY and ‘vintage’ are words that jump to mind for the look that people have aspired to. It has been everywhere! Not just in weddings but in our homes too.

So imagine the gasps when we heard that this year’s vintage was not going to be shabby or up-cycled but more sleek and chic and glamorous. Great Gatsby is paving a way for just that. Yes, it is still vintage in the sense that it is old styles, but it is not shabby! Far from it (and about time too!).

One thing we have noticed about the roaring 1920′s look, was not just the glitz and glam, not the head bands, and low waist bands, feathers and fur but the women themselves.

The woman are strong, bold and intelligent looking. They are independent, bright and glamorous. The silhouettes are slim and elegant and not so much about the curves but still defiantly sexy.

Take a look through pictures of women in the 1920′s and you will see that the majority don’t look like shrinking violets. The photographers are looking up (a sign of dominance) at the woman, or the woman are turned to the side not looking longingly into the camera with a wistful pretty sigh but looking off with a strong profile. And we love that.

We love that this year’s trends all seem to tie together with this theme of fearless strength. The shabby chic up-cycled wedding is not going to be completely absent this year but we think that people will take elements of the 1920′s feminine strength and apply it to their weddings.

Mint is soft and submissive but team it with coral (as we have with Alice’s lips) or red and you get a sensuous strength.

Flowers in the hair could be pretty and dainty. Instead the flowers of 2013 are bold and beautiful whilst the hair itself is big or sleek. Big buns, big plaits and sleek up do’s.

Our model, Lizzie, perfectly shows how wearing an absolutely beautiful white dress does not mean you have to be a blushing bride. Team it with red lips and short hair and the look is transformed into a bold statement of who she is.

This is how Lizzie looked on her wedding day, in her dress. Beautiful, I am sure you will agree!

This year we are going to see the character of who the bride is, not just any woman hidden under layers of white dress and soft roses.

Being a bride suddenly allows for all sorts of stereotypes of what that word means. So many women do things or wear things that just don’t suit them, but do it because they are bound to what being a bride requires.

This year’s trends mean you can break the mould. If you don’t suit white, don’t wear it. Put a splash of colour into your wedding dress.
If you don’t suit soft blush make up, don’t do it.
If you don’t suit long hair (how many of you grew or are growing your hair just for your wedding day, me included!) keep it how you know it suits you.
You get the picture….
This year, we are going to see you!

If you are creating a bit of a shabby chic ‘vintage’ look then we recommend making the pieces as opulent as possible to tie in that 20′s look. Tea cups and saucers with gold details, over the top cupcakes and crystal glass to get that shimmer and shine.

Any little nod to the ‘glittery’ that can be added, like with our nails, just to create that little bit of glamour without it being over the top.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped us create this shoot;
Hair accessories hand made by Betty & Bug
Hair styling by Kontempo Hair
Cupcakes by Icing Sugar Cupcakes
Invitation Design by Noble Hound
Nails (white with silver glitter) by Niche Nail Boutique
Nails (Mint with silver glitter) Tantalize Tanning & Nails
Lizzie’s corset by Raw Hide Corsets
Lizzie’s beautiful skirt was made by her Mum, Val.
The shoot took place at Scotts Photography studio.
Of course, thank you to our patient and gorgeous models Alice & Lizzie!

Contact R&J Photography:
Location: Oxfordshire
Telephone: 07766252565

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