Gem of the Week – Lillie Loves Cakes

When it comes to weddings the main things guests and family look at are The Bride, The Groom, The Dress, The Bridesmaids, The Venue and then The Cake. It is one of the main priorities when planning your wedding and it is also something that guests will eat so it has to look right and it also has to tempt the tastebuds. Luckily the lovely Lucy from Lillie Loves Cakes  has been baking cakes for a long time and can advise every couple she works with on what is best for them. Lucy has kindly taken some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about herself and her business.

What made you step into the wedding industry?
I have baked for many years, but mostly making dizzle cakes, Victoria sandwiches and banana loaves, but having my eldest daughter 1st birthday made me leap in to using fondant and then realised I had a real passion for making celebration cakes.

I really started getting into wedding cakes a little under 2 years ago and find that I prefer wedding cakes to any other.  I love hearing the stories of the couples who come to me and the excitement they have for their big day, making there wedding cake makes me feel a special part of the day.

What is your favourite cake flavour?
My favourite cake flavour has to be chocolate orange. Yum yum

Do you like the ‘cake pop’ and ‘cup cake’ inspired designs or do you prefer the traditional layered cake?
I love cake pops and cupcakes, I think they are different and can look amazing, however to do prefer tradition and I have a passion for sugar flowers.

What is your typical day?
Well I am a mom of 2 little girls and my day is mostly about them, it’s in the evening that I start cake creations when they are fast asleep, I enjoy the peacefulness of making sugar flowers and little decorations, it relaxes me.

What can Brides expect from a consultation with you?
I like to meet each couple for a consultation, provide them with cake samples to try and try and find out the theme of the wedding.  I like to see what the couple is interested in and what sort of feel they have for there wedding.  I like them to feel relaxed with me and to let them go with there feelings; I help guide them in the right direction if I don’t think a cake particular design will work.

Do you do much baking in your ‘own’ time? If so, what is your homemade favourite?
I love baking in my own time, mostly with my children, it becomes fresh again and the excitement of the children make it fun, which makes the cakes taste even better. My favourite is homemade chocolate brownie cake.

What is the best part of creating a cake?
My favourite part is the decoration, adding all the beautiful elements, because I come from a design back ground, the finishing touches are my all time favourite.   When you stand back, look at the cake and think yes I really did make that.

Thank you Lucy for telling us about Lillie Loves Cakes.
Contact Lucy:
Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Telephone: 07894343491

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