Gem of the Week ~ Balloon Popping with Stylish Events

Based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Stylish Events has been running for two years now and gone from strength to strength, they are a family run business, their aim is perfection and customer satisfaction.  Stylish Events supply Balloon displays to transform any venue and give your guests the Wow factor when they walk in to the room.
What made you decide to go into the wedding industry?
I went in to the Wedding Industry as there is a big demand for Balloons and Chair Covers to give the Wow factor that so many Bride and Grooms what now a days.
Have you found that the demand for balloons/chair covers have changed with the different wedding trends over the years?
I only set the company up just over 2 years ago, but I have seen how much people want Chair Covers and Balloons, so much more now than when I first started and they tend to want the same or similar displays.
What is your favourite thing about your work?
The favourite thing about my work is going in to a venue and transforming it into something that looks amazing, knowing that all the Guests and the Bride and Groom will love what the see.
What is your consultation process?
I work out what the Bride and Groom need, by either meeting them at their Venue or at there home if I already know the venue. We discuss their budget and aspirations.  If their budget is tight I tell them what I can provide to give the Wow factor, without breaking the bank, but if they want to blow the budget then we can go all out and give them everything they want.
How long does it take to put a balloon display together?
It depends on the display I’m doing for how long it takes a simple three display for a table takes about 10 minutes up to the largest display which is for a dance floor and has four columns and arches this takes us about 2 hours to do.
Contact Stylish Events:

Location: Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Bucks
Telephone: 01908 366886

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