News Alert ~ DIY Wedding Stationery Workshop with BellyButtonBoo

Guest Blog from BellyButtonBoo

After lots of thought, detailed planning and preparation, we finally let brides-to-be into the weird and wonderful minds of bellybuttonboo with our first ever DIY Wedding Stationery Surgery workshop at The Wedding House, Wallingford.  What a great morning and a chance for us to meet some lovely brides all brimming with excitement about their big days!

We spent the first part of the session going through ways to get inspiration and personality into their wedding day.  It was a really lively session with lots of opportunity to look through scrapbooks and talk through everyone’s ideas to help them get down on paper exactly how they wanted their wedding day to look and feel.  For some, they had the beginnings of what they wanted but with our guidance they were able to develop this further into a complete picture they could really get excited about.

Using a questionnaire we got them to think about them as a couple, drawing out what it is that makes them tick, and how we can use some of their passions and interests on the wedding day so they get a totally personal feel with memorable results for their guests.

After a cuppa and a bag of Party Rings (yum!), we moved onto the nitty gritty of invitation design and development.  We wanted the workshop to not only inspire our brides and give them the confidence to tackle their invitations, but also to help them think about the practicalities and the time they have to actually make them.

We spent some time looking through some formats and different styles of invitations to show them the possibilities of what they could achieve.  They found this really useful as it started firing off lots of ideas for what they could make for their own invites!  We wanted them to see how creative they could be and to teach them the tricks of the trade in order to achieve professional results.

A ‘Pro Tips’ session gave some do’s and don’ts as well as help with layouts and printing.  We showed the ladies how to come up with their first idea and how to use mock ups to plan for making them on mass.  The bumper handout was also packed with more tips and supplier lists so they left fully armed and ready to rock their invites!  One bride said “I wish I’d done this before I made my engagement party cards!”

We really hope we’ve left our brides prepared and excited to get their creative juices flowing – we can’t wait to see their results!  For those who need a little more one to one support, we are able to offer a follow up session to go through their invitations in more detail.  This might be to brainstorm or finalise their invitation design, or perhaps iron out layout and printing niggles.  We are here to help as ultimately we want our couples to have gorgeously fabulous invites that will wow their guests!

If you would like to join us on one of our DIY Wedding Stationery Surgery workshops, do contact us and we will let you know where and when the next one will be.

Contact BellyButtonBoo:
Telephone: 07763 764574

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