News Alert ~ International Lonely Bouquet Day

Yesterday was International Lonely Bouquet Day… have you heard of it?  Don’t worry, I hadn’t either, until some of our wonderful florists started chatting about it a couple of weeks ago.  So what was it all about?

The inspiration behind it… A lovely young lady called Emily, began a floral movement “dedicated to spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time ”

Emma Newman, Owner of Signature Flowers said:  “Over at Signature Flowers I decided to get involved… What a great way to brighten someones day – the bouquets need not be huge, just from the garden or made from leftover’s and the vases could simply be jam jars.  The only thing you really had to do, was put on a ‘take me’ tag explaining what was going on.

I placed mine around Quainton, Buckinghamshire, on top of post boxes, on the memorial cross, on various benches and outside the church.

I’m not sure when Emily began her campaign but she alone covered lots of places… When the idea to create an actual International day came about a lot of florists got involved, I know florists in America and in Europe who have taken the idea on board!  To see quite how far the bouquets have spread and to learn more about the event please visit the website.

Its amazing to get the feedback from people who found them one lady in Quainton had been to church to place a plant to commemorate a loved one’s anniversary and emailed me saying:

“Emma, such a thoughtful thing to do, you have no idea how your ‘lonely bouquet’ cheered me up after visiting my husbands grave on our anniversary, thank you.”

A young bride who had been to see me during the week called me to check she was really allowed to take it home!

We were delighted to be involved and when we have leftovers who knows where you may find them around Quainton, a lovely concept we will definately be continuing!”

Emma and Sara from Forever Green Florists in Bournemouth, Dorset were busy out leaving lovely surprises for locals to:

Sara said:  “The blue hydrangea lonely bouquet was left at the Bournemouth food and drink festival… lets see where that ends up!

I also did another one that was picked up by a local dog walker, Kaleigh and her puppy Honey (above).  The cupcakes are in oasis so they will be drinking and be robust in some of the strong winds we have been having!”

Were you lucky enough to find a bouquet yesterday?  We’d love to hear from you xx

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