Great Idea ~ DIY Teacher’s Gift

With the last day of school tomorrow are you looking for a last minute gift?  How about this fab idea created by Lesley Devlin, Owner of Lomond Beauty for her son’s School Teacher!  Quick and cheap to make but ever so personal… you just need a box of crayons, some glue and a frame!

Lesley said:  “When thinking about a gift for Logan’s teacher, I was keen to give her something which was unique, personal and she could treasure, as Logan loved her as a teacher, as did I.   On searching the internet, we saw the perfect idea.  Using one pack of crayons (24)  we designed the letter ‘P’ and superglued it onto card. This was to signify her surname ‘Prowse’.  Logan then wrote his message on a separate smaller card … Starting (P) is for Mrs Prowse …  Once complete we assembled it in a frame.   The gift was ideal as Logan has a strong love of art, as does his teacher.  The total cost was under £5, although is a lot more valuable as a truly personal keepsake.”

Thank you Lesley, for sharing this lovely gift.

Sue xx


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