News Alert ~ Nuts About Crackers… and Cheese!

I love cheese & biscuits and will quite happily eat it instead of a main course when out for dinner, so when I stumbled upon this gorgeous display I just had to share it!  A Savory treat table – YUM!!  Cheese Cakes have become some what of a trend over the past couple of years to actually replace a traditional Wedding Cake but now you can have an entire display.  It is my pleasure to hand over to Laura Atkinson, owner of The Sweet Stylist about the inspiration behind this scrumptious idea…

Laura said:  “Being a ‘Sweet Stylist’ I always thrive on exciting themes and designs, so when I was approached to style a ‘Savoury Table’ I couldn’t have been more excited.

I knew that the Savoury Table had to be styled just like I would do a Sweet Table…. a centre piece, different levels/ colours/ glassware and of course extensive styling.

Cheese and biscuits are increasingly popular at Weddings and Events.. However pieces of cheese and a few crackers just wouldn’t do. The cheese of course would have to be the centre piece, I decided on a ‘Cheese Cake’, that would sit on a wine crate to give impressive height.

Crackers, Chutneys and mini onions were displayed in stylish glassware to add a luxurious, modern feel to the cheese display, finished with bespoke labelling.

Just like our Sweet Tables, the Savoury Tables can be styled to match any theme/ colour scheme, to look truly impressive at any event!”

Contact:  The Sweet Stylist
Location: Ascot, Berkshire
Telephone: 447903274711


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