Top Tip ~ 10 Steps To Flawless Bridal Make Up

Based in Bedfordshire, Juliet Cunnington is a professional and highly regarded Bridal Make Up Artist.  With over 13 years experience and set to make up her 1000th Bride by the end of the year, Juliet knows a thing or two about creating the perfect look for your wedding day.  So today it is my pleasure to hand over to Juliet to advise you on her 10 top make up tips

1) Get your skin looking its best
If you get your foundation right on your wedding the rest of your makeup will look great—if you don’t it can spoil your whole look. Choosing the correct foundation and colour is crucial. Pick a foundation suitable for your skintype—moisturising foundation for dry skin, oil free foundation for combination or oily skin.

2) Choosing Your Foundation Colour
To pick the correct colour apply three shades to your collarbone and look at it in the daylight—the one that disappears is the correct shade. Don’t pick your shade under artificial lighting as it has a yellow tone and daylight is blue toned. Colour matching your foundation to your collarbone not you face will give you a consistant colour between your body, face and neck—especially important when you are wearing a wedding dress and have lots of skin on show. Try to apply your foundation as sheerly as possible and then use concealer where needed—so your skin still looks like skin!

3) Make sure your makeup is photo-friendly
Have you ever done your makeup for a night out and it’s looked great but then been shocked to see in photos you looked like Casper the Ghost? This is because you’ve not used a photo-friendly foundation. Some foundations contain high levels of titanium dioxide (an spf) and it causes flashback and ghosting on photos taken with a flash. Look for foundations that don’t contain TD it or have small quantities of it.  If in doubt photograph yourself with a flash and check your makeup looks OK in photos.

4) Don’t Use Over Apply
Steer away for using illuminating products all over the face—while these can look great in the flesh on camera they can make your skin look sweaty. Apply highlighting products along your cheekbones and under your browbone as this will be enough to lift your complexion on camera.

5) Perfect Eyes
Be really careful when concealing the undereye area as you don’t want ‘panda eyes’ on camera. If using an illuminating undereye concealer, like YSL Touche Eclate, don’t use it straight from the tube, mix it with the foundation you are using. This will tone down the spf—it’ll look great on camera and actually be a better colour match for your foundation.

6) Do your makeup in reverse!
How many times have you spent ages getting your foundation and undereye concealer perfect—only to ruin it it with eyeshadow that’s dropped while you’ve applied it or mascara blobbed where it shouldn’t be? You can avoid this by working like a lot of pro makeup artists do. Apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara first then you can clean away any dropped eyeshadow or smudged mascara away using a cleansing wipe. This will make the undereye and cheek area completely clean to apply your foundation and concealer to. This tip is especially handy if you’re applying a dark smoky eye. Working this way also gives your facial moisturiser or primer, if you are using it, longer to sink in while you are working on your eyes.

7) Avoid looking like ‘Aunt Sally’
Another tip is to apply your lipstick before applying your blusher—this will show you the overall balance of your makeup and that way you’ll be able to see exactly how much blusher to apply and avoid the ‘Aunt Sally’ look!

8) Make your makeup stay the distance
Bridal makeup is different to your everyday makeup as it will be photographed for sometimes up to 15 hours so it really needs to last. There are a few things that can help you achieve this.  Don’t apply your eyeshadow straight onto your eyelids—apply an eye primer. This will not only take away any discolouration on the eyelid and give you a much truer colour to your eyeshadow but it will also lock your eyeshadow in place all day and stop any creasing. In my kit I have Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eyeshadow Primer and Clinique Touch Base for Eyes in Canvas—both are amazing.

9) Go Waterproof!
Use a waterproof eyeliner that won’t budge if you have any tears and won’t smudge under the eyes after a few hours like kohl pencils have a tendancy to do. I use Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliners on all my clients as once they are applied they simply won’t budge. Waterproof mascara is again another absolute essential as this with further tear proof your eyes. My absolute favourite is Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara as it’s completely waterproof and gives the effect of clump free false lashes.

10) My Product Must Have
My hero product for bridal makeup is Makeup Forever Mist and Fix—a product I’d be lost without. This light and comfortable mist seals the make up and keeps it in place by coating the skin with a weightless and invisible film. It makes the makeup heatproof and sweat proof. If spritzed after you’ve applied powder to your foundation it also takes away any powdery look on your skin and makes it look very natural.

Contact Juliet:
Telephone: 07963514827

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