Gem of the Week ~ The Cottage Kitchen Cake Company

It’s with much delight this week, that we are able to introduce The Cottage Kitchen Cake Company!  Wedding Cake specialists based in Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire.  Launched in 2010, this scrumptious cake company was born from owner Jen Cunningham’s love of both creative crafts and baking. The combination of these two loves has resulted in a fantastic, thriving company which produces stunningly beautiful creations.

Jen is very proud of her achievements and so she should be; she worked in environmental data before retraining and starting The Cottage Kitchen Cake Company – not the most direct route into cakes! She credits her inspiration to fellow professionals in the wedding industry as well as strong working women who manage to juggle their families and businesses and succeed at it.

With a total love of all things ‘wedding’, Jen’s favorite part of designing wedding cakes for her clients is the consultation stage, where she starts to take the couple’s ideas and brings them to life!  Favourite creations for The Cottage Kitchen Cake Company are big wedding cakes and novelty ones, where they really express a couple’s hobbies, interests or lives.  Macaroons, cupcakes and iced biscuits are also favourites from their wedding favours collection and they can be personalised to the clients’ tastes.

It’s always fascinating to hear a cake-maker’s favourite offering and Jen just can’t decide. There’s her gorgeous fruit cake that makes her think of Christmas, then there’s sumptious chocolate ganache, or the zingy lemon…

Asked about trends this year, Jen has seen purple becoming more and more popular, particularly darker shades and also the ever-favourite lace theming.

Jen’s very excited to have joined the Ice the Cake family and working with fellow suppliers who are highly recommended and reliable. The Cottage Kitchen Cake Company is truly thriving and we can’t wait to share more of their delights!

Contact The Cottage Kitchen Cake Company:

Telephone: 01296770750

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