The 7 Deadly Wedding Sins

Over a year ago I came up with the idea of creating a dramatic styled wedding photo shoot and basing it on the 7 Deadly Sins.  I do feel ever so lucky that I get to work with some amazing suppliers and therefore taking an idea from concept to reality is something that is a joy from start to finish.  But why did I want to do the 7 Deadly Sins?  I loved the idea of creating something incredibly theatrical and this seemed the perfect theme…  after all, who doesn’t experience a little wrath at some point when planning their big day?

Planning your wedding can be stressful, it can make you feel like you are on your own, and literally push you to your boundaries to the extreme.  It can be hard to control your emotions and of course the saying ‘Bridezilla’, is now regularly used to describe a stressed out Bride to Be.  At some point during the wedding planning process, you are likely to find yourself anxious about something that previously may not have even concerned you.  Making your wedding absolutely perfect is high up on most Brides to Be’s list, this can be for all sorts of reasons from personal perfectionism, to pressure from external parties and feeling the need to live up to expectations.

Whatever the reason you are feeling the strain, our 7 Deadly Wedding Sins are something fun to reassure you that you are not alone.  Many others go through it (I did!) and if you do find you are turning into the darker version of yourself don’t despair.  Sometimes it’s actually good to release your anger, sometimes wanting something just out of your reach makes you work harder for it, but whatever it is, I hope this shoot will bring a little calm and a giggle between you, your future spouse and your Bridesmaids!

So today it is my absolute pleasure to bring you the images from our 7 Deadly Wedding Sins photo shoot.  The 7 deadly sins consist of: Lust, Greed, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath and Sloth.  It took place at the historic Nether Winchendon House, an exclusive wedding venue located in Buckinghamshire.  I absolutely adore this family home!  With so much history – the ‘new wing’ was built when Henry VIII was King, there is a story around every corner.  From the incredible internal features, to the extensive gardens and the beautiful carriage barn, there is something to delight all your guests.  But it also meant that with such an array of antique furniture and decor that creates an element of mystery it made the perfect backdrop for this particular photo shoot.

The dresses and accessories were provided by the fabulous Fancy-T Hat based in Winslow.  Fancy-T Hat is run but artist Paula Shepherd.  Paula creates everything from greetings cards and canvas prints to customised wedding gowns and beautiful princess tutus!  Her boutique is an eclectic treasure trove and definitely worth a visit if you are local to the area.

The images were captured by the sensationally talented Frank Millar, from Thame, Oxfordshire.  Frank is a seasoned Wedding Photographer and has worked with me since the beginning of Ice The Cake.  When we started talking about the idea I had be harbouring for all this time he immediately started getting creative with the concept and I knew he would capture some stunning images on the day (which of course he did!)

The avant garde hair and make up, was created by the super talented Holly Preston.  Holly studied at some of the most desirable colleges in the UK including the infamous Brush Strokes at Shepperton Studios.  Holly’s experience lies within TV and Film, however, she has most recently found her niche and now focuses purely on Wedding Hair and Make Up.

The decadent cakes including a vibrant orange wedding cake to represent the colour of Gluttony, were provided by multi award winning cake designer, Shelly Shulman, owner of Cakes by Shelly, based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.  The indulgent chocolate cake was devoured by our brilliant model Chloe, although we all had a piece at the end of the shoot – yum!

The bridal bouquets, pumpkins and centrepieces were provided by the lovely Emma Newman of Signature Flowers, based in Quainton.  I adore Emma’s style and attention to detail.

The deadly signs and menu were created by Kathryn Deeley Wedding Stationery and so to the 7 Deadly Wedding Sins…



Thank you so much to all those involved. It was such a fun day and thank you again to our fabulous models who worked so hard on the day to capture the essence of the scenes.



Photography:  Frank Millar Photography

Venue:  Nether Winchendon House

Hair & Make Up: Holly Preston

Dresses & Accessories:  Fancy-T Hat

Cakes:  Cakes by Shelly

Flowers:  Signature Flowers By Emma Newman

Stationery:  Kathryn Deeley Wedding Stationery

Models:  Daisy Welch, Chloe Haynes & Sophie Rose


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