News Alert ~ Dazzling new idea ~ Flower Fireworks

It’s the 5th November and do we have a sparkler for you!  Like us at ITC HQ, you probably attended some kind of Firework Display over the weekend, but how surprised would you have been if the fireworks had started releasing thousands of petals?  Many newlyweds opt for a spectacular ending to their wedding day with a romantic firework display, but now there is something new to add an extra ‘WOW’ to your special day – Flowerworks!

So who is behind this bright wedding idea?  A glittering team of Interflora and Alchemy Fireworks!

“As early as 1778 a firework display staged in Canada included a grand ‘bouquet of rockets’, a term still used today to describe a multitude of rockets bursting in the air in the shape of a bunch of flowers. Mixing flowers and fireworks, it seems, has long been a good idea.”  The flowerworks display was brought to life by Rob Farrow, Special Projects Director at Alchemy Fireworks.

Rob explained: “The effect we created wasn’t without a challenge – we couldn’t use any traditional launching techniques as they were too powerful and the petals would be ripped apart. Therefore we needed to pack the petals tightly into the shell without breaking them to ensure a decent mass for the launch.”  To capture the action a super slow motion camera was used. Filming at a rate of up to 1,600 frames per second, the Phantom HD camera allowed the team of videographers to document each explosion in minute detail.

“Here at Interflora we are always looking for ways to use flowers in totally new and exciting ways,” explains David Ragg, Head of Product Development at Interflora.

“This time we have been influenced by the beautiful fireworks displays that are seen all over the country at this time of year. We carefully selected the flowers for best effect, using dried petals from roses, calendula, cornflowers and delphiniums and created our very own floral firework display! The results were truly spectacular.”

Five Fabulous Flower and Firework Facts!

1. The pistil is the name for the central reproductive part of a flower.  In fireworks, a sphere of stars appearing inside a bigger sphere is called a “Pistil”.

2. In the sixteenth century the Chinese created fireworks shows that looked like flowers spinning through the air.

3. Created in the Eighteenth Century, The “palm tree” was one of the first coloured fireworks – it was known as a wonder of the age.

4. In India, the malis and malakaras, whose profession it was to make garlands of flowers, also made fireworks

5. In the 1780s, a Dutch experimenter named Charles Diller used illuminated jets of hydrogen called “philosophical fireworks” to show the growth of plants and flowers – the performance was described as “a most beautiful and most ingenious exhibition”

For more information about Interflora’s flowerworks and to see the exclusive behind the scenes documentary visit Interflora’s Website.

Photography Credit:  Interflora

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