Steampunk Wedding Styling at Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Today I am super excited to share a fabulously styled Steampunk Wedding shoot with you.  Initially inspired by science fiction novels, Steampunk has become a popular trend for a non traditional style wedding.  Think Victorian dress, with big skirts and corsets, top hats and goggles, add an industrial, supernatural twist and your theme will be beginning to take shape.  To find out more about Steampunk’s origination check out The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences blog or

Today it is my pleasure to hand over to Caroline from Frenlish (& also the model in the shoot), for the inspiration behind this brilliant collaboration and the team involved…

Caroline said “We are 4 friends who are working in the fabulous wedding industry, Amelia, from Plume a Plume (stationery), Cyrile from Doucefleur Design (accessories), Virginie from Au fil de la Lune (bridal dresses) and Jean-Marc from 1Chapter Photography (photography).  We decided to work together to create, to dream, to imagine an unique wedding that will gather all our talents.

We all like the vintage sphere and its codes: antique garments, flimsy skirt, victorian dress, corsage, lace, birdcage, vintage accessories, fluffy flowers, parchment and old paper.  We wanted something as beautiful as the vintage romantic wedding we can see everywhere, but we wanted something different, something new, something that would challenge us… So the steampunk theme became obvious.

As the weeks passed, our steampunk world emerged and we began to realise that we would need a cake!  So Alison from Barmy Cakes joined us.

Our steampunk universe was complete, only one element was missing: a venue to complete the vision and for a steampunk wedding, what better place than the steam museum?

On the day, we were all so excited, it was time to merge our work…”

Stationery:  Plume a Plume
Accessories:  Doucefleur Design
Bridal Dresses:  Au fil de la Lune
Photography:  1Chapter Photography
Wedding Cake:  Barmy Cakes
Venue:  Steam Museum

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