Bridal Boutique of the Month ~ Xquisite Bridalwear

This month I have chosen a gorgeous little Bridal Boutique to share with you.  Based within Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Xquisite Bridalwear is, just as it name suggests, an exquisite boutique.  Stocking some stunning wedding dress designers such as San Patrick and Ritva Westenius, this bridal boutique offers a luxurious shopping experience.  Owned by the lovely Sabrina Steed, the now award winning Xquisite Bridalwear Boutique first opened it’s doors in March 2009.

When questioned about why she initially launched the Bridal Boutique, Sabrina said:  “It was just a chance encounter and a great opportunity that inspired me to open – a little bit of fate! I was given the opportunity and have always worked with people which I love, I couldn’t work in an office 9-5!  I had never worked in Bridal before but believe that there is nothing that you cannot learn.  I chose our designers carefully and for their great designs, use of amazing fabrics, the quality of workmanship and also designers that we were comfortable working with.”

We chatted with Sabrina to find out her predictions for 2014 and top tips for choosing the perfect Wedding Dress…

What are Your Top 5 Tips for choosing a Wedding Dress:

  • The Shop – Choose your shops carefully, look at the dress designers and styles that they carry. You’re more likely to find your dress in a shop where you initially like the style of the bridal gowns, as every shop will cater slightly towards the tastes of the owner – it’s human nature so if you like their style book an appointment! Look at their website for images of the shop too, it will give you an idea as to the experience you are likely to get.
  • Service – Only buy your wedding dress from the people you are most comfortable with and have confidence in. This is the most important dress of your life so having confidence in the people providing it for you is essential. The last thing you should be worried about is your dress. Recommendation is key. Don’t be afraid to go to a shop just because your friend got her wedding dress from there – that’s the best reason to go to a shop!
  • Ideas – On your initial appointment, take ideas with you of what you think you like, photos of bridal gowns that you are drawn to. Show the ladies in the shop and then also be very open minded about trying on styles outside of your comfort zone – we do this for a living and we know how our dresses fit, so do let us show you some amazing alternatives. So many brides wear a bridal gown that they would never have pulled off of the rail themselves. Just because it’s not what you originally thought you wanted, doesn’t make it wrong!
  • Guests – I would honestly recommend two or three people to go with you if not less. We’ve seen so many times a bride has loved the wedding dress she’s standing in and is crushed with the wrinkle of a nose or a flippant remark. Once these comments have been passed there is no way to take them back and the dress is forever ruined. Remember everyone’s opinion of what you should wear will be different and the only person that really matters is YOU! Once you have chosen your wedding dress the girls will love it and will keep their opinions to themselves!
  • Budget – It is important to have a budget for your wedding dress BUT if it’s ‘THE’ dress then do not compromise (within reason!). You can always lose something less important in the wedding – it’s all about priorities and for most of us girlies it’s the dress!

What are your Key Wedding Dress Trend predictions for 2014:

Lots and lots of straps! Be it Hepburn style necklines and deep V backs, stunning illusion backs with embellished capped sleeves and delicate lace straps are all trending at the moment. Lace is still very much in and in some cases a more modern lace look rather than the vintage look of 2013. Bows and sparkle adorning the dresses are also quite popular with our brides for 2014.

Colour is also a key element for consideration for the forthcoming year.  Brides are loving the beautiful blushes, golds and rich creamy ivorys that are just so flattering on their skin and offering something that little bit different without it being too quirky.

Tell us about your current top 5 Bridal Gowns:

Ritva Westenius – Fitzrovia. Heavily hand beaded fishtail gown with concealed lace up corset to give the most amazing figure. Detachable flower shoulder strap adds allows two entirely different looks.

Justin Alexander – 8714. Stunning modern lace bridal gown. Beautiful high neckline and button detail down the back with a pretty satin bow to really draw the waist in.

Donna Salado – Cambrie. Has been a favorite of ours since we opened.  Fabulous strapless ball gown in silk with a lace up back and full skirt.

San Patrick – Hakima. Simply elegant and timeless. Soft tulle and tiny sequins adorn the lace applique just catch the light – perfect for a beach wedding.

Mon Cheri – 110218. Lovely spun gold with ivory beaded lace. Gorgeous fitted bridal gown, with scoop neck and back detail – pure elegance and class.

Photo 17-05-2013 12 11 18What do you love about Weddings?

To us, each bride is the only bride and we could talk about weddings all day!  Each bride is unique, her style, her ideas and her beliefs.  We love hearing about the more unusual weddings and the more traditional weddings. We love that two different girls in the same dress will wear it entirely differently and will accessories according to her tastes. We are romantics at heart and want to believe that each wedding is the start of a wonderful life together.

We love that people make such an effort at weddings. They come from all over the world in their finest, to celebrate the union of two people in love! Does it get any better than that?

Contact Xquisite Bridalwear
The Wedding Courtyard
69b North Street
Leighton Buzzard
LU7 1EQ (Map)

Tel: 01525 217882



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