5 Beautiful ‘Hair Up’ Bridal Hairstyles

Guest Blog from Harriet Bartley, Owner of Harriet Bartley Freelance Stylist.

This year has been amazing.  Since I started my own mobile hairdressing service 10 years ago this coming April, I have had the best year yet for weddings.  I’m sure exhibiting at local wedding fairs has had a major part in getting the work, along with some lovely recommendations.

The main bridal hairstyles this year have been Vintage, with the Great Gatsby being a big influence, natural ‘beachy’ half up and half down and Gypsophila flowers in loose plats being a favorite.  Lovely loose knots and neat knots to the side of the neck have also been popular.

Perfect for Mid-Length Hair:
This is beautiful Bride is Leanna.  To create this Bridal Hairstyle I created soft curls and swept them into a lovely loose side knot.  Hair which is mid length is perfect for this hairstyle.  The Bride can forget about her hair knowing it looks amazing and will stay perfect to the small hours!

Perfect for Long Hair:
Gorgeous Bride Claire, had long hair and an added weft increased her volume.  Claire wanted two looks for her big day – an up-do and something softer with her hair down.  I started by tonging her hair and left to set the hair clipped up to cool.  Then Make Up Artist Carla Tangi, performed her magic whilst the curls set.  I then piled Claire’s hair into a high curled bun in two sections to create the day look.  At the reception the lower section of the bun was let down to give her a more informal bridal hairstyle for the evening.

Classic Plaits & Pleats
Lindsey wanted a natural plaited bridal hairstyle in keeping with her theme.  Gypsophila was added for softness to the loose plaits.  I tonged Lindsey’s hair to give a polished shiny roundness which helped keep the plaits in place and hold the hairstyle.

Perfect for Bridesmaids:
Gabby, Lindsey’s lovely bridesmaid wanted a neat side knot.  I tonged her hair and then simply added a side bun by first making a low side ponytail and placing the hair around a bun ring.  The effect is stunning and feels weightless due to the bun ring.  A perfect Bridesmaid hairstyle that looks elegant throughout the day.

Perfect for Shorter Hair:
Stunning Bride Tasha, chose a Vintage Bridal Hairstyle with full height on the crown of her head.  As her natural hair is only just past her shoulders curls would would not have given such a lovely shape so I tonged the hair upwards and tucked it in.  The veil had the perfect place to attach at the back of her hairstyle.

Contact Harriet:
Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Telephone: 07817 485888
Email: harrietbartley@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.mobile-hairstyling.co.uk


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