10 Essential Tips For Planning Your Wedding ~ Part 1

Guest Blog ~ Anna MacDougall, Bride & Glory

Hello you gorgeous brides-to-be and Ice The Cake Lot.  'Credible & Incredible' Supplier of the Week - Bride & GloryIt’s 2014, hooray, and for a lot of you that means that you’re either able to say “I’m getting married THIS year” (as opposed to next year, which is ridiculously exciting and petrifying at the same time) or you could even be among those who got engaged over Christmas and are proudly sporting a beautiful something sparkly on your left hand. Either way, wedding planning will be somewhere fairly high up on your agendas so I thought I’d let you in on my 10 tips for wedding planning.

We’ll split them into two parts, so here are my first five.  Part 2 is coming up next week.

I’ll keep them short ‘n sweet but if you want to know more on any of the points below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I don’t bite and am always happy to help.

The first rule is that you absolutely must not listen to all those people quick to tell you what you can and can’t, must and mustn’t or should and shouldn’t do. Ignore them. Unless they’re footing the bill (in which case it gets a little more complicated) it’s your wedding day and you can do pretty much whatever you want – as long as it’s legal, that is.

Tying in neatly with rule 1) I always tell couples not to lose focus on what the day is really about. All you need to get legally married is five people: bride and groom, two witnesses and an officiant with the required paperwork. That’s it – everything else is icing on the cake. Very pretty icing, I might add, but all the arrangements around your day shouldn’t take your mind off the fact that you’re doing this because you want to promise to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

Before you start planning, sit down with your fiancé/fiancée and decide on somewhere between three and five areas or elements for your wedding day that are the most important for you – and then mentally lock them away. Once you know which areas you absolutely will not compromise on you automatically know how to allocate your budget and what items you perhaps may not need or want after all when the budget gets tighter.

Speaking of budgets, figure out how much you can afford to spend on your wedding day and then work backwards from there. It makes no sense for you to fall in love with venues or suppliers you can’t afford but you won’t know this unless you have taken a long hard look at your finances. Wedding budgets can spiral out of control in no time so it is important to stay on top of this at all times. Do you really still want to be paying off a loan long after your wedding day is over? Thought not.

Start with your venue search first. You may think you know exactly what you want but trust me, this can change once you start looking. And, to quote Kirstie and Phil, get ready to compromise. Looking for your venue is a little like looking for a new home: you’ll have a list of must-haves but in most cases, you won’t find somewhere that ticks every last box on your list. In that case refer back to 3) and base your decision on what’s most important for you: that the venue is available on your ideal date or that you can’t have fireworks?

That’s it for today, Darlings. The next five to follow shortly.

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