10 Essential Tips For Planning Your Wedding ~ Part 2

Guest Blog from Anna MacDougall, Bride & Glory

The incredible second part in Anna’s Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips!

Hello, hello – I’m baaaaaack.

Some of you may have already seen the first part of my take on wedding planning tips last week. I was utterly delighted when Sue asked me to put something together (even if I must have driven her crazy with my timings – suffice it to say I’ve been having a bit of a comedy start to the year that’s been intent on derailing my best laid plans. Sue – you’re a saint).

I think there are way too many misconceptions out there on what wedding planning entails and I’m more than happy to dispel some of the myths that can leave you luscious brides-to-be all dazed and confused.

You can find Part 1 here – as for Part 2, read on.

And remember, if you’d like to know more about any of the wedding topics I touch on here, please just shout – I’m always happy to help.

You must think ‘What the duck – I’m supposed to do homework now? I’m a grown-up, thank you very much.’ But seriously, a little light reading before you meet any supplier will pay off hugely. You’re most likely to be dealing with products and services you’ve never had to book before and there are a plethora of useful guides on what to look out for and which questions to ask. This isn’t the right place for me to advertise one over the other but if you need any guidance on where to find them, get in touch and I’ll gladly share.

If you’re unsure of where to start looking for certain suppliers, think back to weddings or events you attended. Was there a catering company or a band you were seriously impressed with? Did you love the photographer’s charming ways of getting you lined up for the dreaded group shot? Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for recommendations. They’ll be flattered you loved their choices and there’s simply no better testimonial than having already experienced excellent service yourself. And forget the whole idea of having to be ‘different’ just for the sake of it. No one will feel like they’re re-living someone else’s wedding day just because you happen to be working with the same bar company.

Once you’ve ticked the ‘technical boxes’ (such as making sure they are fully insured, having spoken to previous clients for testimonials etc) and you have your shortlist of suppliers, listen to that gut of yours. Was there someone who stood out and who you really hit it off with (and yes, it is a bit like blind dating)? Was there someone who you felt truly listened and really ‘got’ what you wanted your wedding day to look and feel like? Most of us are small businesses and we’re only ever as good as our last job – which means we will strive to get it just right every single time. If that’s the feeling you get from a supplier and your gut agrees, you’re usually on the right track.

Having just worked with a couple last December whose wedding venue ended up being on fire 10 days before their wedding day, it hit home again just what a wise investment wedding insurance represents. In the big scheme of things it is really not expensive, especially not if it buys you peace of mind. Trust me, you’ll save hundreds in anti-wrinkle treatments to flatten out those worry-induced frown lines. Just make sure you take the time to read the small print (tedious, I know) to make sure whichever cover you choose protects you from any particular concerns you may have (and those can vary vastly depending on wedding venue, time of year etc).

And here it is, my last morsel of wisdom for the day. I am the first person to urge you not to spend more of your hard-earned money than you can afford (also see rule 4). Having said that, there is still a myth that, as soon as you mention the word wedding, everybody quadruples their prices.

There are probably still those who do, but of all the people I’ve worked with over the years, their pricing has been nothing but fair and realistic. What you have to bear in mind when considering any supplier’s service or product is that you’re not just paying for that particular item or that particular stretch of time. In order for any supplier to be able to offer the professional service/product you expect, they have running costs that stretch beyond the item/service you’re purchasing. They have to pay taxes, insurance and training, office rental and equipment maintenance, advertising and website domain hosting (how would you have found them otherwise) and all that other really tedious ‘stuff’ I shan’t bore you with. So next time you find yourself thinking ‘I can get those flowers for half the price in Tesco’ or ‘my Aunt can bake a cake for way less than that’, consider that most people aren’t out to take advantage of you – they just have to set realistic prices to enable them to keep that business whose product, service and attitude you’ve fallen in love with in business.

That’s it from me – if there is anything else I can help you with, you know where to find me.

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