11 Wedding Trends We Love For 2014!

You’re engaged, congratulations!  Here are a few ideas to get your planning started.  Last week, I chatted with some of our InCREDIBLE Suppliers and asked them for their wedding trend predictions for 2014… and here are my favourites!

Wedding Trend No. 1 ~ Multiple Wedding Cakes:
Melissa Woodland (Melissa Woodland Cakes) said,  “2014 is the year when one wedding cake is not enough!  We’ve got several weddings coming up which will feature a cake table with multiple confections.  Usually one multi-tier cake, then a series of single tier ‘satellite’ cakes in different shades, or a main cake with cupcakes and mini cakes. Styled with complimentary ribbons and cake stands, they create a stunning focal point.”

Wedding Trend No. 2 ~ More Sparkle, Less Vintage:
Natalie Cadman (LOVE Bouquets) advised, “We are receiving requests for bigger more lavish, blingy crystal bouquets.  Not so much vintage just bright silver sparkle.”

Wedding Trend No 3 ~ Pinterest Is the Brides New Best Friend:
Wendy Grant (Wendy Grant Photography) said, “More brides are sharing their Pinterest wedding boards with me and I’m finding FaceTime a great way to communicate with Brides, either outside the UK and/or not within easy reach.  With regards to colour palettes, a hot favourite with Brides to Be this year, appears to be:  Peaches, nudes, golds and off whites, with a hint of turquoise .”

Wedding Trend No. 4 ~ Something Blue:
“Many Brides are requesting blue be incorporated within their Wedding Flowers.”  Emma Newman (Signature Flowers by Emma Newman) advised, “Blues of every shape and form, lots of thistles for winter, hyacinth and muscari for now and cornflowers in the summer!!”

Wedding Trend No. 5 ~  Rustic Romance:
Lorraine Issott (Wild Orchid), said, “We are getting lots of requests for rustic, blush, nude and in particular lots of Matricaria.  Classical romance is key, with lots of candlelight, pops of peaches and yellows.”

Wedding Trend No. 6 ~  Sleeves are Still Hot Topic:
Katherine Edmond (Treasured Bridal Boutique) commented, “We’re seeing more Brides asking for straps, higher necklines and covered shoulders.”

Wedding Trend No. 7 ~ Hot Pink
Both Jane Proudman (Top Table Designs) & Aria Sandis (Crystal Bouquets Boutique), agreed, that they can see a growing trend for Hot Pink on the horizon.

Wedding Trend No. 8 ~ Matching Lipstick
Joyce Connor (Brides and Beauty) said: “Bright lip colours are really on trend for brides this year”, and Lucy Swales (Bridal Hair and Make Up by Nadine & Lucy) agreed, adding:  “I’ve been seeing brides going for a statement bright lipstick, to match their flowers. It looks fab with flawless radiant skin.”

Wedding Trend No. 9 ~ Bring on the Pop
String music is traditionally classical and elegant… however, with the ability to cover many tracks instrumentally, Cheryl Agnew-Bass (Ariella Strings) advised, that they are receiving increasing requests for current pop music.

Wedding Trend No. 10 ~ Classically Downton
Fogarty Formal Hirewear advised they are seeing an increase in the number of Grooms opting to wear tailcoats and double breasted waistcoats.  As well as a growth in requests for smart lounge suits.

Wedding Trend No. 11 ~ Wedding Baptisms
This is such a wonderful idea for those who are getting married and already have children.  The Church of England have created the opportunity for couples to celebrate their Child(ren)’s Baptism at the same time as making an eternal commitment to each other.  There is also the option for a ‘Thanksgiving’ instead of a Baptism, to recognise your child(ren) and your family as a whole.  I am dedicating a blog to this next week, however for now here is a sneak peek at one of the images from the photoshoot…


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