News Alert ~ Alice In Wonderland Props for Hire

Guest Blog from Becki Short

Themed parties and weddings are very popular at the moment, and I just love getting involved with them!  As a singer, I am often asked to tailor my set lists to suit the theme, and I always have fun finding new songs that will fit.

You can understand then, that two years ago when a friend suggested organising a Mad Hatters Tea Party to raise funds for a charity, I jumped at the idea!  I am now organising the event for the third time, and the event is getting bigger and better each year.

However, because the event is growing, so are the running costs. My team and I have been trying to be a bit inventive in coming up with ideas for raising funds to cover these costs, and I had a lightbulb moment: we have all these props and décor that we use each year, just sitting around waiting for July each year.

In our first year we were donated two gorgeous (rather large!) Alice in Wonderland backdrops – one with images from the Tim Burton version, of Alice & the White Rabbit amongst the flowers, and another of lots of different styles of doors. These are fantastic statement pieces, and we got a lot of comments at our event as to how they really made the atmosphere.

We also have a large collection of Alice in Wonderland themed props such as fun hats and ears, and props such as giant cards, blow up flamingos, giant clocks, giant leaves and laminated labels with quotes from Alice in Wonderland. We also have a large collection of mis-matched vintage crockery, including tea sets, teapots, plates, bowls, trays and cake stands, which can be used either as the crockery for people to eat and drink from at the event, or to create gorgeous centre pieces for tables.

Our plan is to hire out these items for parties, weddings, events, films, and anything else that you might be organising that would benefit from some or all of the props and décor we have available. Our prices will be reasonable, and all profits will go straight to the running costs of the event – so you will get a fab looking event, and be helping out a charity too!

Find out more about the event, and see photos of some of the items I have mention on our website: and if you would like to hire something, please email